Hybrid Cloud Computing: Is It Right For Your Business?

Are you considering hybrid cloud computing for your business, but not sure if it's the best solution? If so, it will help to know more about it.

What Is Hybrid Cloud Computing?

When you hear about hybrid cloud computing, it is essentially a combination of public and private computing environments that work together in tandem for your business. It allows you to offload some of the computing load to a cloud environment so that it is easier for people to access since it can provide more power to get the job done. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hybrid Cloud Computing?

Many businesses use hybrid cloud computing because it is scalable. Your private infrastructure can remain in place for your employees to use, but you can easily expand the cloud portion of the computing process. 

At a very basic level, think of how storing data works if you were all in a private computing environment. If you need to add more data to user workstations, this involves installing bigger hard drives on each computer that can hold more data. While it is scalable, it is not scalable in a practical and cost-effective way. When you use hybrid cloud computing where data storage is offloaded to the cloud, that storage can be increased in a central location that doesn't impact all local uses on their private computing environment. 

This logic behind the scalability of hybrid cloud computing can apply in many different ways because it is using public resources. Think about processes that are better performed by other service providers, and how they can be performed better in the cloud than in-house at your business.

How Is Hybrid Cloud Computing Portable?

Moving part of your workflow to the public cloud allows you to make your computing environment portable. This means that you are not locked into using any specific vendor to get the job done, and you can change to a different third-party service if you like. This is all because hybrid cloud computing is designed to use on-site and off-site computing for tasks, and you can switch vendors for a process when one is not performing to your standards. 

How Is Hybrid Cloud Computing Secure? 

When you use hybrid cloud computing you can keep your secure data on-site if necessary. By controlling who has access to that sensitive data and not putting it in a cloud environment, it ensures that only your company has access to it. This can give you peace of mind that your most important data will not be lost, stolen, or viewed by others that don't have permission.

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