3 Areas Where You Can Start Making Your Home Smarter

Smart homes were nothing more than a dream a decade ago, and yet now more and more people are starting to realize that they don't have to be wealthy to benefit or access this technology. Smart home stores are cropping up all over the country, and for those who don't have one near them right now, there is always the option to simply go online and get it delivered! If you are on the fence and still unsure about how life would really change with smart home devices then here are three areas that will see a dramatic shift if you do decide to go this route. 


Of course, security is still the number one issue that many people prioritize for their homes. Technology has allowed security devices like CCTV cameras, window and door alarms, glass-breaking sensors and so much more to not only become cheaper but far more advanced and intertwined with your daily life. For example, a smart home store can provide not just CCTV cameras, but also an app that allows them to be accessed from your mobile phone wherever you are. You can also get CCTV cameras that can see in the dark and have heat detection, which is all monitored and cataloged by the technology in the camera so you don't miss anything.


It has never been easier to get a great entertainment center set up in your home, especially if you think of yourself as a tech-forward kind of person. Now you can cast to almost every screen in your home when you want to watch a movie, and switch between ones as well. Smart speakers can play your favorite music whether you are in the kitchen, shower, or as an alarm clock to wake you up. You can even get projectors that are so small they fit in the palm of your hand, and yet they can turn any unused wall into a temporary movie screen.


Lights do not have to be boring and stale as they used to be. With smart LED lights you can not only turn them on and off from your phone, but you can change them to be the exact color you want, tell them when to turn on and off at set patterns, put in certain presets for different moods (romantic, working, exercising, etc) and much more. You can also make your air conditioning adaptive so that it knows when to turn on and off so the house is at the right temperature just as you are arriving home. This is just the tip of the iceberg too, with so many more appliances and gadgets readily available at local smart home stores.

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