5 Support Tips For Common Email Issues

Email is essential for keeping in touch with your colleagues and clients, but unfortunately, even these relatively simple programs can have lots of tech issues. If you're having trouble with your email, check out these IT support tips. 

1. Log-In Issues

You navigate to the website with your email account, but unfortunately, you can't log in. If this happens, double check your email address and password. Make sure that you have not left any spaces in the email address and that you have typed in the password correctly. If you still can't sign in, ask the system to help you reset your password. 

Usually for this to be possible, you need to have your email linked to another email address or a phone number for recovery purposes. If you don't have a recovery address set up, you may need to work with an IT professional like those at Blue Frost IT.

2. Messages Not Loading

If you get into your email program but it doesn't load messages, check to make sure that you're still connected to the internet. Try turning the router on and off to allow it to reset, and then disconnect and reconnect your computer from the internet. Reload your email page. Once you are connected, the messages should load. If you're still experiencing trouble, reach out for IT services. 

3. Attachments Not Opening

Attachments not opening can be due to a range of issues. In some cases, you may not have enough space to open an attachment in your email provider. Double check to make sure that you don't have any space limitations. Then, try to delete some messages and try again. 

In other cases, you may not be able to open certain types of files — to adjust that, you need to get into your settings. If you can't find the issue, consider asking the sender to resubmit the attachment in a different format. 

4. Program Not Sending Messages

If your email refuses to send messages, save the message as a draft so that you don't lose it. Usually if you have the wrong address, the email goes out, but you get a message that the address was invalid. But in spite of that, you should still check to make sure you used the right address. Then try refreshing the page and resending the email. You may also want to clear the cache on your computer. 

5. Files Too Large to Send

When you have files that are too large to send, you can work with IT services to improve your email provider, or you may want to switch to a filing-sharing app. An IT professional can help you hone in on the right software and learn how to use it. 

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