About Your Building's Backflow Prevention Device

If there is a chance of a backflow of water getting sucked into the municipal clean water system, then the plumbing codes usually require a backflow prevention device to be installed to prevent this issue. The required device will need to be the correct size and workload to work properly with the specific risks of a backflow situation in any commercial or residential property. Along with requiring the proper equipment being installed, annual testing generally needs to be done to ensure all equipment is functioning correctly.

What does backflow testing consist of?

The process of backflow testing will test the plumbing system in a way that verifies no clean water is being contaminated. The water throughout a structure is kept at a standard pressure that will cause the movement of the water to occur at the proper rate throughout the entire structure.

If something happens to one of the pipes, and it causes the pressure to drop in the system, then this can place more demands on other areas of the plumbing in a way that can allow contaminated water to enter the system. This will contaminate what is supposed to be the clean water.

The testing will monitor the mechanisms that are there to protect the clean water. The backflow devices will be tested in a way that is right for their type and standards. For example, in a structure where a backflow device used is an air gap device, then the testing will cause a space to be in the water storage area. This space is what connects the plumbing and a check valve. This will be what prevents the backup of water entering your home because it keeps the water flowing in the right direction.


If you have any concerns about the quality of the water in your home or your commercial building, then you want to have a plumber come out to check the system. While they are there, you should have them take a look at your backflow device and make sure your building had the best one installed for the plumbing system and that it is working correctly. Also, keep your records up to date and be sure that you are staying on top of the annual inspections if you have to have them done per the plumbing codes for the area that your residence or your industrial building is located in.

If you have a backflow system in place, then contact a company like ABC Backflow to come and test the system to ensure it is working. 

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