3 Questions To Ask About The Technical Capabilities Of A Managed Solutions Provider

To ensure your modern business's technological infrastructure is absolutely functioning at its optimal capacity and is rightly protected, it is wise to work with a business managed solutions provider. From keeping tabs on hardware to offering backup data services, these companies really do take a lot of hassle off of your hands and work wonders for the overall functionality of your business. However, before you settle with a certain one, it is best to ask some questions. You don't have to be a technology expert to ask the right questions and end up with the right provider. Here are a few questions to ask about the technical capabilities of any managed solutions provider you are considering for your business. 

What automated services can the service provide?

Automated services prove to be highly beneficial on multiple levels. Whether it is automated data transitions, automated help desk features you can use to better serve your customers, or something else, these revolutionary technical processes can evolve the way you do business. Most managed solution providers these days do offer some form of automation for either their services or the services they help you provide, but it is best to ask up front what will be available to you. 

Are there technical services that are out of their scope of ability?

Most business owners focus on asking questions about what kind of services are offered by a managed solutions provider, which is definitely good. However, you should also be asking what services they cannot provide or what services are outside of their scope of capabilities as a managed technology service. It is much better to know up front, for example, that the provider will not be able to help you with cybersecurity training for your employees than to find out later on after you have already signed a service contract. 

Is the provider familiar with the compliance frameworks relative to your business?

This is a major question to ask, and it will let you know if a business managed solutions provider is familiar with working with your specific type of business. Framework compliance is a huge component of technical functions in a lot of businesses. For example, a medical office may have to be mindful of things like HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance. Knowing that the provider is familiar will ensure you do not run into situations with services provided that don't line up with organizations you have to comply with. 

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