Satellite Phone Information For You To Review

Staying in communication with your workers can be fairly difficult for businesses that must send these individuals into the field. One way of staying in communicating with these individuals when they are out of range of traditional cell phone networks is through the use of satellite telephone systems.

Are There Practical Benefits For Opting For Satellite Telephones?

Unlike traditional cellular networks, satellite communications can work as long as the phone has a relatively clear view of the sky. This can be essential for reaching employees that are in areas where cellular signals cannot reach. While business leaders may assume that these phones will be too bulky for their employees to use, they are comparable in size to traditional cell phones.

Can These Phones Withstand Harsh Field Conditions?

When employees must work in harsh conditions, the risk of damaging sensitive electronics will dramatically increase. To account for this reality, many satellite phones, like the Explorer msat g3, are designed to be highly resistant to water and impact damages. You can also invest in a protective case to further improve the resilience of these phones. If you anticipate that your satellite phones will be subjected to extremely abusive conditions, extended warranty protection can be a wise investment to make when you are buying these phones.

How Is the Battery Life for These Phones?

For employees that will spend most or all of their time in the field, having a long-lasting battery will be imperative. Many of these phones are able to last for multiple days without needing to be recharged, and they may be able to provide many hours of talk-time before needing to be recharged. In the event that your employee's phone loses its charge, these phones can use a car charger or a small solar charging system to replenish its battery.

Is It Possible to Opt for Secure Satellite Telephone Systems?

Many businesses have employees that must handle sensitive information. When communicating with these workers, it is important for ensuring that the line is as secure as possible to prevent eavesdropping. Depending on the model of satellite phone, encryption can be used to ensure that only the intended parties will be able to hear the conversation. However, this will not prevent individuals that are within hearing range of your employee from being able to overhear their side of the conversation. For this reason, you should having a training protocol for ensuring field workers understand the steps for discussing sensitive information to avoid accidentally compromising your clients.

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