Nanopositioners Are Important To Many Industries

These days, there are a lot of things that have to be made with no margin of error, and the tolerances are extremely small. Trying to do those things by hand can be very difficult, especially when you are talking about things like microchips or optics. That means there needs to be a way to make those things while eliminating human error and making sure that each piece is made perfectly and correctly. One way to do that is to use nanopositioners. 


A nanopositioner is a tool that is used to hold another tool and to position that tool or probe to where it needs to be within nanometers. That way the piece that is being worked on will be created the way that it needs to be. Not only does a nanopositioner help to manufacture a piece with extreme precision, it will also help with repeatability. Repeatability means that piece number 1,001 is made to the exact same standards and the exact same precision that piece number one was made with, as well as all the pieces in between. It shouldn't be luck that makes every piece come out to the exact tolerances. There are a lot of reasons to use nanopositioners other than precision and repeatability. 

Clean Rooms

One reason to use nanopositioners that is that they can be easily used in clean rooms. A clean room is one that has a strictly controlled environment so that it can stay absolutely, positively clean. This means that there is no dust or anything similar in the room. People who enter these rooms have to wear special, protective clothing in order to maintain the clean room's status. If something happens in that room, it will take a lot of work, time, and money to get the room back to appropriate standards. However, since nanopositioners can be operated using computerized controllers, they can do their work without anyone having to enter the clean to try and do the same work, especially since the protective gear can make it even harder to work on tiny pieces with exacting tolerances. 

Trying to make sure that little microchips or optics for powerful microscopes are made to exacting tolerances can be difficult. It's important that they are precise though. Nanopositioners, such as from nPoint, can make sure that everything is done carefully and precisely and eliminate the risk of human error, while making sure that the pieces can be made quickly. 

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