Three Extra Features Your Store Security Alarm Needs

If you own a retail store, one of the first lines of defense against any sort of intrusion or theft is a good alarm system. With a good alarm and security system, you can keep your employees and your products safe inside of the store. The installation of an alarm system is one of the first things that you should do when opening a store. Though an alarm system will help with security, there are a few extras that you should have for more security. Here are three extras to add to your alarm system. 

Picture system

Security cameras that can take pictures are a great feature to have in an alarm system. Set up your system so that every time someone attempts to put in a code to open or close the lock, their picture is taken. This will allow you to make sure that everyone is keeping with the appropriate schedule for opening and closing the store location. This will also alert you if there are any intruders who are attempting to get inside of the store by entering a code. Knowing what is going on at all times will alert you if anything was amiss.

Video calling

When installing a video system, you can also install a video calling system that will allow the person dialed to view the interior of the store while on the phone. In the age of smartphones, most people have access to videos and live streaming. An alarm system that offers video dialing will allow anyone dialed, including emergency services, to assess the situation going on inside of the store. Being able to video dial can also allow employees inside of the store to get help if a complication arises with any of the store's systems or if they need to make note of a particular incident inside of the store. 

In store override

If management needs to override a code for any emergency purposes, your alarm system should offer the option to override any door locks and alarms. This can help in the event that there is a malfunction with one of the alarm code systems. If there is an instance where the alarm codes stop working on one of the entrances, the managers can still operate all of the entrances and exits from the interior of the store, then lock up the final entrance with keys. 

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