3 Must-Have Home Telephone Features

While many people rely solely on their cell phones to stay in communication with loved ones, having access to a home phone can be a beneficial way to keep your family connected to the outside world. Home phone services have evolved over the years, offering customers access to a variety of technologically-advanced features.

Here are three must-have features that you should consider when adding home phone services to your residence in the future.

1. Automatic Call Forwarding

If you want to ensure that you never miss an incoming call, it can be helpful to invest in a phone service that provides automatic call forwarding.

When a call is placed to your home phone line but no answer is received, automatic call forwarding can send the call to your cell phone number. This feature allows you to receive your home phone calls, no matter where you may be located.

2. Internet Voicemail

Another important feature that your home phone service should provide is access to Internet voicemail. Taking the time to listen to each of the voice messages left by callers who were unable to reach a person through your home line can be tedious. Internet voicemail allows you the opportunity to receive a written transcript of your voice messages send directly to your email inbox.

You can glance through these transcripts to determine which messages are important, and even retain a record of important voice messages that you may need for later. Be sure that your phone service provides Internet voicemail to maximize the convenience of your home telephone in the future.

3. Video Calling

If you want to be able to take advantage of video conferencing capabilities that exist on cell phones when placing a call from your home telephone, then you need a phone service that supports video calling.

Having the ability to place video calls from your home telephone gives you the versatility you need to customize your communications experience. Be sure that the equipment and service you invest in provides you with the opportunity to engage in face-to-face calls with your loved ones via video calling.

Taking the time to identify some must-have features will allow you to invest in the home telephone service that is best suited to meet the high-tech needs of your family. Look for a phone service that offers automatic call forwarding, Internet voicemail, and video calling functions to ensure you are satisfied with your home telephone in the future.

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