How To Maximize Your Profit When Selling Ipv4 Addresses

Many companies are switching to IPv6 and have IP addresses to sell. There are governments that are selling unused IPv4 addresses, such as the United Kingdom. If you are a company with addresses and you would like to maximize profit, you will need to know how to properly sell your addresses and how long you should wait. Organizations in the Middle East need IPv4 addresses in order to continue their Internet growth and to remain competitive, for example. But eventually, it will be more beneficial to switch to IPv6.

How IPv4 Are Sold

IPv4 addresses are sold through Specified Transfer Listing Services. Organizations that agree to follow the policies of ARIN can be added to a list of registered STLS facilitators. Other organizations that publish authorized brokers include APNIC and RIPE. Working with a broker can make the process of selling your IPv4 much easier because they will be able to provide advice and will abide by rules that ensure that the address is transferred following regulatory guidelines.

Maximizing Your Profits

One of the challenges of selling IPv4 addresses is that it is difficult to determine how long you should wait before selling an address. IPv4 addresses will go up on value the more time that passes. Therefore, it may make sense to hold onto your address until it is more valuable. However, there will eventually reach a point where IPv6 adoption will make more sense for customers and the value of the IPv4 will fall suddenly. Therefore, it is important to not wait too long. When you do feel that it is time to sell your address, make sure that the buyer has approval from the APNIC for the range that you are selling. You will want to setup an escrow service. 

Beware Of Fraudulent Methods Used To Sell IPv4 Addresses

The IPv4 addresses have become so valuable that criminals have tried to take advantage of the situation by laying claim to dormant addresses. When an address is dark and there is no active administrator, the criminal can revive the dormant domain name. Another option is to re-register the name of a defunct company to be the legitimate administrator of the address, allowing the criminal to then sell the address. Another approach is to setup a company that can purchase addresses to hoard them and then sell IPv4 addresses when they are worth more by contributing to an artificial shortage.

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